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A.I. Vehicle Description Builder from AutoRevo

Never write another vehicle description again

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Many dealers do not recognize the importance of having a long-tail description for their inventory, as it provides potential customers with valuable information about the individual pieces of inventory.

Not only that, but a well thought out vehicle description can also save time and money on having to write something different or copying and pasting your descriptions across other marketing and advertising channels.

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Unleash the power of our new AI-powered tool! It’s designed to craft catchy and precise descriptions for each vehicle in your inventory.

Boost your showcase game and use these compelling descriptions across all your platforms. Drive your sales to the next level!

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Why You Need A.I. Vehicle Descriptions

Saves Time
Instead of sitting behind a keyboard typing away and missing customers and sales, let our new tool handle writing all of those vehicles descriptions for you.
Saves Money
For the price of $99-$199/month, you could have a dedicated “person” writing your vehicle descriptions for you. You can’t hire someone for only $199/month!

SEO Optimized
Our A.I. Vehicle Description Builder uses content in your vehicle descriptions to be in line with SEO’s best practices for optimal results and improved ranking.


Robot writing descriptions

What to Expect From A.I. Vehicle Descriptions

  1. Writes Accurate, Compelling and Engaging Vehicle Descriptions
  2. Use Descriptions Across Your Website + Digital Marketing Campaigns
  3. Saves Your Dealership Time and Money

Let Our A.I. Vehicle Description Builder Work For You

We have trained our new AI tool by feeding the tool vast amounts of vehicle data from several different providers, allowing the AI model to learn and understand the differences and attributes that make each vehicle model special.

When you activate our A.I. Vehicle Description Builder for your inventory listings, it begins by analyzing the vehicle’s top-line information – such as make, model, year, mileage, and more. Then, it sorts through our database to begin to craft a compelling and informative description that highlights the vehicle’s strengths, brans and model history, as well as other standout qualities.


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Unleash the Power of our A.I. Vehicle Description Builder

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