Introducing A.I. Vehicle Description Builder

One of the most forgotten elements when it comes to selling vehicles online is coming up with a description for your vehicles.

When researching a car (or anything for that matter) you want to try and get as much accurate information as you possibly can – so you can make an informed decision. Potential buyers want to know everything they possibly can about the vehicles they are interested in, and failing to have a compelling, engaging and accurate description of your vehicles could be an opportunity that you and your dealership are missing out on.

AutoRevo understands that knowing every little detail about every single vehicle you sell is extremely important, and writing compelling and engaging descriptions for your vehicles is more important than ever before to set yourself apart from the competition. That is why we have been developing our state-of-the-art AI Vehicle Description Builder.

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How We Came Up With The AI Vehicle Description Builder Tool

With the rise of AI in the recent months of 2023, and a hole in the strategy of dealerships across the country, the team at AutoRevo sat down to figure out a way to fill a massive need in the automotive industry. Many dealers do not recognize the importance of having a long-tail description for their inventory, as it not only provides potential customers with valuable information about the individual pieces of inventory, but also saves time and money on having to write something different or copying and pasting your descriptions across other marketing and advertising channels.

Think about your current strategy in regards to writing vehicle descriptions now. Either you have someone dedicated to doing this part, or you are the one doing it yourself. In the worst case, you might not have a description for any of your vehicles.

AutoRevo saw this trend in dealerships across the United States and decided to fill in a huge need in the industry. Instead of spending the time to write out every feature and detail about your vehicles, let our new AI Vehicle Description Builder do all the hard work for you!

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What to Expect From Our AI Vehicle Description Builder

Writes Accurate, Consistent and Compelling Vehicle Descriptions – We have designed our tool with AI functionality in order to streamline the process of writing engaging descriptions for your vehicles, allowing you and your dealership to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Use These Descriptions Across All Marketing/Advertising Channels/Platforms – Why should having these great vehicle descriptions stop at just your website? With our tool, you will be able to have your new descriptions broadcasted and applied everywhere you market your vehicle!

Saves Your Dealership Money, Time and Resources – Instead of having a dedicated person/team, or handling this process all by yourself, let our new AI tool take care of writing your vehicle descriptions for you. That way, you can be more attentive to other pressing matters, like selling more vehicles!

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