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Our dealers have access to responsive, mobile-first, SEO optimized websites with clear CTA’s to drive engagement and convert visitors into customers. Whether it is a plug-and-play template or fully-custom, request a demo today learn more about our websites for car dealers.

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$299 – setup fee

A plug-n-play website that will kick-start your business

  • Fast, optimized, mobile responsive website
  • Use your brand’s colors, logo and images
  • Manage and edit your own content
  • Integrate 3rd-party add-ons
  • Timely support from real people

Customized Powersite

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$499 – setup/design fee

Customize a theme to match your brand and personality.

  • All benefits of the Powersite base tier
  • Choose from an existing theme
  • Work with our design team to make it your own
  • Access to additional products, tools and services

Fully Custom Powersite

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$999+ – quote with consult

Fully custom and unique website to match your vision

  • All benefits of the Powersite customized tier
  • Consultation with our design professionals
  • New feature development available
  • Concierge support and site management

AutoRevo has put thousands of hours into our website’s UX/UI (User experience / User Interface) to allow shoppers and your own staff to get the information they are looking for quickly and efficiently. When you couple that with highly visible CTA (Call to Action) buttons, it transforms your website into a lead generator – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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AutoRevo’s Powersites & Customizable Website Themes

For auto dealers with little to no time to waste on the technical aspects of maintaining a website and want to hit the ground running quickly, AutoRevo can help get your dealership online in no time.

We offer beautifully designed, mobile-first responsive websites for auto dealers who are looking for a quick solution to get their vehicles online to sell more cars.

  • Quick, complimentary implementation of provided images, videos and content.
  • Timely support with real people
  • Access to other AutoRevo dealer products, tools and services
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Webpage4 thumbnail

Fully Custom Websites

For dealers looking to rebrand or execute a vision for their car dealer website, AutoRevo can help you there as well. Our passionate design and development team have been designing websites for car dealers for over 20 years, and are driven to help make your dream website come to life.

Let AutoRevo help elevate your dealership to the next level with a fully custom car dealer website today.

  1. Get all the benefits from our templated sites
  2. 1-on-1 consultation with our professional design team
  3. Have full and total control of website customization

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Responsive Website Devices

Modern Responsive Websites

There are over 1,200 screen sizes across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. A responsive site provides the optimal viewing and interactive experience by resizing and repositioning your site content based on screen size. That way, your site has one URL and one look across every device.

Users will easily be able to view your inventory, fill out all of your desktop forms, and view all of your content pages at the perfect size.

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Your Website Needs to be 100% Secure

A secure website builds your customers’ trust, meets Google’s latest standards, and is good for your business. Making your customers feel safe and confident about interacting with your business online needs to be a priority, and that starts with making sure your business website is a secure site with SSL / HTTPS.

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Your Website Needs to be Fast

Website speed is the first impression you ever make to consumers who find you online. Page speed is important to users because faster pages are more efficient, and provide a much better on-page user experience. Your website visitors make an instant judgement about you and your dealership.

When your website loads fast, you’ve instantly made a strong first impression. It’s a quick-win for user experience! When your dealership’s site loads fast, your new visitor is immediately happy. Happy visitors are the first step towards happy customers.

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The AutoRevo Difference

So what makes our dealership websites different from our competitors? Our motto is “Customer First, Customer Focused.” Which means that our websites are not only designed for shoppers, but for our customers, the car dealer, as well.

Ready to Get Started?

Get a complete walkthrough of the AutoRevo system or a demonstration of just the products and services you’re interested in. Our representatives can show you an easier way to market vehicles online.

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Let’s Get Started Building Your New Dealer Website

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Other AutoRevo Products, Tools and Services

Looking for other resources to help you get ahead of the competition? Check out some of the other products, tools and services that we offer and learn how the pair with InLine Text to help build your brand, attract more customers and sell more cars.

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InLine Text

Stop sending emails and voicemails into the void. With InLine Text by AutoRevo, you can get directly into your customer’s pocket. This innovative service enables effective communication and increased customer engagement.

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Digital Advertising for Car Dealers

AutoRevo can promote your inventory across all major social media channels. Our digital advertising experts can get your vehicles in front people as they browse. This targeted exposure can amplify your auto dealership’s advertising message.

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Automotive SEO

Our certified SEO experts are ready to boost your dealership’s online presence. By employing tailored strategies, we’ll help you rank higher on search engines, reach a larger audience, and increase sales. Enhance your digital footprint with us.

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