Lead Management System

AutoRevo’s Lead Management System

Lead Management

All Your Leads, All In One Place

Managing your dealership’s leads doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task. Stop juggling multiple platforms and potentially missing valuable leads.

At AutoRevo, we devised our Lead Management System to centralize all your leads in a single, user-friendly inbox.

Our system eliminates the guesswork of tracking the origin of your leads, allowing auto dealerships to access and respond to all leads with ease.

Streamline your lead management process with AutoRevo’s efficient system, conveniently managed from the palm of your hand.

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Lead Management Made Easy

AutoRevo’s InLine Lead Management system is designed to make your life simple. Using a single system, you’ll receive and review quality leads from multiple sites… in real time!

Seamless integration with your dealer website, eBay Motors, credit applications, and more means that all possible leads end up in one easy to use, centralized inbox.

Now you can track lead activities, set follow-up tasks and accept or reject offers from a single interface. You can even generate flip reports to cross-sell potential customers to similar vehicles currently in stock.

Valuable Lead Information At Your Fingertips

Our Lead Management System provides auto dealers with all of the information they need to help build a personal connection with potential customers.

Each lead in your inbox displays lead infosuch as personal information, subject, date received, and lead source.

Every lead also lists the “vehicle of interest,” so you know exactly what a potential customer was interested in.

Our system is also ADF integrated with other ILM providers, ensuring a seamless lead-gathering process across the board.

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AutoRevo’s Lead Management System Allows Auto Dealers to Gather, Drive, Re-Engage and Convert on All Leads From One Centralized Inbox

Showcasing your inventory across a variety of online listings and platforms broadens your reach to potential buyers, increasing your dealership’s visibility.

However, this approach also presents a logistical challenge: managing the incoming leads to your business.

You face a choice between the daunting task of individually accessing each lead source or opting for a more cohesive method where you can handle all your leads in one centralized location.

By becoming an AutoRevo customer, you benefit from our integrated Lead Management System, which streamlines your dealership operations and saves you time—time that can be better spent maximizing your dealership’s profits through precise customer-to-vehicle matching.

Leads originating from your own website, as well from other 3rd party sources, are seamlessly integrated into our system. We equip your dealership with a unique email address designed to receive ADF formatted emails, meeting industry standards.

All of this allows you to promptly access and categorize each lead’s contact details, type, and origin.

Schedule Test Drives, Appointments and Consultations

Once information about a lead comes through our Lead Management System, you are then able to schedule appointments, such as test drives, right from the dashboard!

Our Lead Management System not only help you gather more information about your leads, but is able to create action items all from one system.

Our simple, easy-to-use dashboard allows you and your employees to quickly navigate and see who is available for test drive appointments and who is not. This puts your team in control of their time and can help you predict incoming traffic to your dealership.

Whether you are an independent dealership or a franchise dealership, our Lead Management System is designed to help dealers of all sizes keep track of their incoming leads in one place.

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Lead Management Scheduling Made Easy

Lead Management

AutoRevo’s Lead Management System

We have designed our Lead Management System to be the most robust, feature rich and complete Lead Management system on the market.

Our Lead Management System has everything an auto dealer needs. Our feature-rich products gives auto dealers the power to:

  • Round the clock access to all leads via PC or mobile.
  • Full search, filters, and sortable columns functionality.
  • Create time stamped notes.
  • Create custom lead statuses.
  • Filter by lead status and prioritize your workflow.
  • Set lead appointments.
  • Create Employee logins.
  • Limit lead access – Flexible roles and permissions settings.
  • Assign and Merge leads.
  • Lead notifications by email and text.

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Start Managing All Of Your Leads In One Place

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