Simple Inventory Management System

Frustrated Dealer

You should be spending your time selling cars, not trying to get your cars online, and that’s where AutoRevo’s Inventory Management System is a lifesaver. If you can get your inventory online faster it will sell sooner… and a faster turn means a higher gross.

Whether you use the inLine™ Vehicle Management System (VMS) to manually list vehicles or automatically import and update from another service, we make it easy to market your inventory on your website and across all of the major listing services. You can import your inventory from hundreds of sources, or you can enter it manually. Our DataOne-powered VIN decoder ensures quick, accurate listings of all vehicle options, equipment, and factory paint colors.
inLine VMS Content Management

Content Management System

At AutoRevo, we firmly believe that your dealer website is YOUR dealer website… So you should be able to have full control over your site’s content. We’ve designed our proprietary Content Management System (CMS) for you to manage your website in a familiar online editor where you can create or edit pages, change features or navigation and upload images or documents.
inLine VMS Reporting

Reporting and Analytics

We are an authorized Google Partner and all of our SEO team members have earned Google Certification. Our robust reporting and analytics system was designed to help dealers have transparency in their floor plans so they can make better, more informed decisions when making future buys. Dealers have spoken, and we have answered with the best reporting engine in the vehicle marketing space.
inline Pricing Icon


  1. Currently active listings of similar vehicles
  2. Average turn time
  3. Estimated days’ supply
  4. Market pricing with Mileage-to-Price trends
  5. Filter by trim, drive train, transmission, cylinders and location
AutoRevo designed the inLine™ pricing tool with the search flexibility dealers need to make money. Our inLine™ pricing tool shows what similar vehicles are selling for – matched by year, make, model, mileage, and so on, all the way down to trim-matching.
  • Sort by drive train, transmission & cylinders
  • Search by distance from your dealership
  • Highlight Mileage-to-Price Trends
  • Put a “watch” on specific vehicles
Plus, AutoRevo’s inLine™ Vehicle Pricing Graph breaks price ranges into five key areas, making it easy to price vehicles for any situation — and even easier to see if you’re leaving money on the table. Some savvy dealers have even figured out how to use inLine™ to determine which vehicles they should add to their inventory.
inLine VMS Pricing 1 inLine VMS Pricing 2
inLine Pricing provides data graphs for you to see valuation and books numbers to crunch and price vehicles right.

Unlimited Vehicle Photos

Unlike many other providers, AutoRevo PowerSites allow for unlimited vehicle photos. We all know that the photos sell the vehicles, so we let you upload as many photos as you want to.

Row of vehicle image thumbnails

Whitepaper Icon

Want some photography pointers?

Our whitepaper, “how-to-stage-and-photograph-your-vehicles” will teach you everything you need to know to showcase your vehicles and get them sold fast.

Vehicle Video

Video Sample
Online video has been proven time and again to increase engagement and boost conversion rates, especially in the auto industry. AutoRevo PowerSites feature seamless integration with YouTube, so when you upload a vehicle video through our system, it’s automatically uploaded into your YouTube account. Not only will you have an engaging video on your vehicle details page, but you’ll also have the added boost of a YouTube video that can get indexed in Google searches – increasing your chances of getting that vehicle found online.
Vehicle History Carfax One-Owner
One-Owner vehicles are highly sought after, and our system clearly labels applicable vehicles with the One-Owner CARFAX logo.

Automatic Vehicle History Reports

Whichever provider you use, the AutoRevo system allows you to easily purchase and display vehicle history reports in your vehicle listings. The appropriate icon is displayed prominently on your listing page and details pages, making it easy for potential customers to research your vehicles.

Since AutoRevo is a Preferred Partner of CARFAX, our CARFAX integration is streamlined and user-friendly. When you load a vehicle into the system, an automatic VHR is produced, and the appropriate information is applied to your dealer website, your window stickers, and your mobile inventory management application.
Lead Management Screenshot

Lead Management Made Easy

AutoRevo’s InLine Lead Management system is designed to make your life simple. Using a single system, you’ll receive and review quality leads from multiple sites… in real time! Seamless integration with your dealer website, eBay Motors, credit applications, and more means that all possible leads end up in one easy to use, centralized inbox. Now you can track lead activities, set follow-up tasks and accept or reject offers from a single interface. You can even generate flip reports to cross-sell potential customers to similar vehicles currently in stock. Each lead in your inbox displays lead info, subject, date received, and lead source. Every lead also lists the “vehicle of interest,” so you know exactly what a potential customer was interested in. Our system is also ADF integrated with other ILM providers, ensuring a seamless lead-gathering process across the board.

Save time and start selling sooner.