Facebook Marketplace Is Gone for Auto Dealers, Now What?

Key Points and Takeaways

    • As of January 30th, 2023, Facebook/Meta is no longer allowing auto dealers to post inventory on to Facebook Marketplace
    • Since this was one of the platforms that have been used for several years to market inventory, auto dealers are left with having to find other platforms
    • Luckily for dealers, AutoRevo provides several different options to choose between – from Google’s Cars for Sale to Meta Dynamic Ads
    • Learn more about these options below!

Facebook Marketplace has been a go-to platform for dealers to showcase their inventory and reach potential customers. However, with its recent deprecation on January 30th, 2023, dealers are now searching for alternatives to move their inventory efficiently. The automotive industry is facing new challenges – with rising inventory levels, higher interest rates, and quick inventory depreciation, it has become more critical than ever to move cars off the lot quickly.

In recent months, the automotive industry has seen a change in customer behavior, with website traffic decreasing and buyers slowing down the purchasing process. This shift has caused dealers to re-evaluate their advertising budgets and focus on the channels that produce results. Luckily for auto dealers, there are still tons of different avenues, platforms, and advertising mediums that can be taken advantage of.

Google Recently Added Two New Opportunities for Dealers

Google Business Profile (formally known as Google My Business) and Google’s Cars for Sale feature are two alternatives that dealers are turning to. With Google still controlling over 90% of mobile search results, it’s crucial for dealers to have an up-to-date Google Business Profile page. To make sure you have all of your information up to date and correctly listed, you can add “updates” on your Google Business Profile that act as “posts” similar to ones on other social media platforms, showing customers stuff to be excited about in regards to your dealership.

Google Cars for Sale | AutoRevo

Google’s Cars for Sale feature provides another platform for dealers to add their inventory right to their Google Business Profile. This allows your potential customers to see what is available in your inventory before they go clicking around anywhere else on Google. Customers can sort out your inventory from this screen by make, model, price, condition, and more!

Where Else Can Auto Dealers Take Advantage?

While Google still controls a large majority of the overall search traffic, Apple is stepping up and attempting to take a piece of the search pie for itself. Over the last few years, Apple has been redesigning its listing management service and is creating something to rival Google and its Business Profiles.

Apple’s new Business Connect is also a platform for dealers to engage customers across devices. By updating their information and showcasing their specials, dealers can reach a wider audience and drive traffic to their websites. This will become extremely beneficial, as Apple is moving away from pulling reviews from other platforms, and working on their own method of reviews that are only related to Apple searches.

While this may still be in the early stages, Apple is known to act fast on what works and what does not. With Apple being one of the largest mobile device providers, it would be unwise to ignore something that is provided by such a massive tech giant.

Does the Meta/Facebook Platform Offer Any Alternatives for Dealers?

While Facebook Marketplace may no longer be an option for dealers, Facebook Ads are still a useful tool. Dealers can set up an automatic feed that updates as their inventory updates, or can set up static images that showcase only what you want. By targeting a geo-specific audience, dealers can get their inventory in front of potential customers and direct them to their websites.

You can even set up your Facebook Ads to end on specific pages that you choose. If you are a dealership that focuses on financing, you can set up ads to revolve around your financing programs and packages and target the specific group of people that are interested in financing a new vehicle.

What is great about Facebook/Meta Dynamic Ads is all in the name – they are DYNAMIC. What we mean by that is that they can be changed, altered, edited, or even created brand new from scratch or removed completely at ANY time. From different ad types to running different ads to see which ones or performing the best over periods of time. Dealers have been quick to find ways to stay on and continue to market their inventory on one of the largest social media networks, and this is one of the best ways to do so. If you want to showcase your inventory, you can set up Meta Ads to showcase your inventory and have them redirect right to your main inventory page.

Unified messaging is another approach that dealers are exploring. How annoying is it having to keep up with incoming messages from several different platforms and sources? Dealers who spend their time trying to reply to everyone on every single messaging platform, there would not be any time for anything else. AutoRevo has taken the initiative to help dealers never miss out on another inquiry, message, or check-in again with the help of InLine Text.

By bringing all advertising conversations into one place, whether it’s on Google, Facebook, the dealership website, or any other platform, dealers can provide a seamless experience for car shoppers. This allows for not only dealers to have all incoming messages in one place, but also allows them to respond quickly and get back to moving more inventory off the lot.

Not to mention all of the other useful tools and features that InLine Text has to offer, such as automatic language translation, digital business cards, and so much more.

How AutoRevo Can Help Dealers Find Their New Alternative to Facebook Marketplace

What is exciting about these Facebook Marketplace alternatives is that AutoRevo offers all of these solutions listed! Instead of having to figure out the next best move for you and your business alone, get in touch with a dealer consultant today and we will be able to discuss which of these options is best for you and your dealership. As the automotive industry continues to shift and change during these times, AutoRevo has made it a mission to adapt and change in order to fill in the needs of every auto dealer.

The deprecation of Facebook Marketplace presents an opportunity for dealers to streamline their marketing and operational costs. By utilizing alternative platforms, dealers can provide a better experience for car shoppers and efficiently move their inventory. Whether it is Google, Apple Business Connect, or Facebook Ads, it is now time to examine your advertising strategy and make the necessary adjustments to stay ahead in the ever-changing automotive market.

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