Facebook Marketplace Changes for Car Dealers

On September 13th 2021 Facebook will no longer allow it’s Automotive Facebook Marketplace listing partners to automatically push their inventory or catalog feeds into Facebook Marketplace as a listing.

Translation: Car dealers will not be able to use any automated service to flood their vehicle inventory into Facebook Marketplace.

What does this mean for your dealership?

This change by Facebook will present new challenges and provide new opportunities for your dealership to adopt a new strategy to keep your inventory in front of your Facebook audience. Let us highlight the 3 methods you can use to market your vehicle inventory on Facebook’s platform:

Facebook Vehicle Inventory Tab

Vehicle Inventory Tab

The Vehicles tab within your dealership’s Facebook Page will process the inventory feed from AutoRevo and display your inventory directly to this tab. This will be an additional digital showroom from which customers can browse the vehicles you have in stock.

Users can filter inventory based on their preferences (e.g. price, mileage) on the Vehicles tab. Dealerships can select “View Inventory” as the primary CTA on their Page. Once clicked, users land on the Vehicles Tab.

Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebooks Dynamic Ads allow you to use your vehicle inventory catalog to place Ads throughout Facebook’s platform. Facebook’s automotive inventory ads enable dealerships to automatically promote your entire inventory of vehicles to the most relevant audience, across any device.

Dynamic Automotive Inventory Ads help speed up the selling process by driving shoppers directly to your mobile-optimized vehicle detail page. Consumers in your market will see your updated inventory and be able to interact directly with your dealership.

Facebook Dynamic Ad
Facebook Manually Enter

Manual Posting

You have the option of manually creating Marketplace listings for individual vehicles. This will require you to employ some strategy to post high-value listings. Dealership’s will have to review vehicles and models that have generated the most interest. Maybe it’s trucks or later model sedans – focus your energy on those profitable vehicles that sell.

The downside to manually posting vehicles is that you will have to manually delete them as well. AutoRevo recommends that you look into the Dynamic Automotive Inventory Ads because those will update as your inventory changes. You won’t have to worry about being penalized by Facebook for having out-of-date inventory.