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Automotive retail is changing at an unprecedented rate. Mobile devices have fundamentally altered the way consumers research and purchase vehicles. Dealerships may need to adapt to meet the expectations of today’s mobile savvy car shopper. Facebook is one of the world’s largest media platforms with over 2.8 billion people globally who access Facebook every day. Their platforms enable you to reach real people with the right message at the right time to influence your key audiences. A recent survey of people who purchased a vehicle within the past 6 months revealed that 87% of them used a discovery platform during their research, and 80% of them visited a Facebook property. This type of reach can help assist you in driving your dealership’s objectives all the way from raising awareness of your dealership to moving vehicles off lots.
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Google’s Cars for Sale

AutoRevo is now fully integrated with Google. Dealers can now sign up to promote and sell their used car inventory directly on their Google Business Profile listing. What does this mean for you and your dealership? Simply put, it means you have the ability to sell more cars with little to no effort from you. Google Business Profiles are a growing destination for people to discover, visit, and gather information about your business. With the help of Google Cars for Sale, you will be able to list your inventory directly to your Google Business Profile, which will show up when anyone searches for you or finds you via Google Maps! People can find the vehicles they want by filtering their results by make, category, and price. By listing your vehicles with Google Cars for Sale, you can reach buyers where they already are! There are NO LISTING FEES associated with Google Cars for Sale.

Craigslist Automation

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Fully Optimized Automated Craigslist Posting

AutoRevo’s Craigslist Automation delivers hands-off, information-packed listings. Our tool enables your potential customers to locate your inventory faster, access clear calls to action, and develop confidence in your dealership before they ever speak to you. Powered by DataOne Data , our best-in-class VIN decoder thoroughly populates all of AutoRevo’s listings with factory installed options, standard options, and vehicle descriptions, which will skyrocket your internet presence.
craigslist icon Staying on page one of Craigslist is a constant battle. Apart from our hyper-detailed listings, we’ve involved our SEO team to make sure the behind-the-scenes formatting gives your listings the best optimization possible. Our unparalleled formatting and detailed optimization thrusts your inventory onto the center stage and keeps it there longer than others.

Why spend your valuable time posting to Craigslist, when you don’t have to?

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