Show Off Your Inventory With AutoRevo’s eBrochures for Auto Dealers

It was not that long ago when people and businesses would go around your local town and hand out brochures like candy on Halloween. Remember walking around town or convention and event centers, and seeing people come up to you with tri-folded pamphlets and lots of information overload? With everything turning over to the digital world, it is now easier than ever to send out those exact same brochures to others, in a much less time consuming way! AutoRevo has provided auto dealers with beautifully designed electronic brochures, or eBrochures, that highlight all the great parts about your inventory. To boil it all down, AutoRevo simplifies your VDP’s and highlights all of the best parts about each vehicle in your inventory to easily send, share, print out or look over for potential customers. Learn how our car dealer eBrochures help highlight the best parts of your inventory.

What is a Brochure?

It may have been a while since you have even heard the term brochure. A brochure can be simply described as a promotional document – one that is usually printed on a piece of paper. Brochures are often used by businesses to market and promote themselves, their products, or services to potential customers. Brochures typically are printed out and tri-folded or slotted into a folder pocket of some sort. However, with technological advancements, brochures are capable of being electronic and can now be accessed, printed out, and shared amongst one another at any time.

What is an eBrochure from AutoRevo?

Here at AutoRevo, one of the ways we try to help our dealers get ahead of their competitors is by providing them with all different types of ways to effectively showcase their inventory. One of the stepping stones to that process is the help from our one-of-a-kind car dealer eBrochure. Our eBrochure for auto dealers take all of the important information about each of the vehicles listed in your inventory, and design a beautiful, easy-to-read brochure that highlights your dealership’s inventory and all of the great features about each and every vehicle. These eBrochures live on the VDP (Vehicle Details Page) as one of the many Calls to Action (CTA) buttons and are easily accessible to both your salespeople and to potential customers. Once people land on the page for the eBrochure, you then can easily save the brochure, download the brochure or keep the URL saved in their bookmarks for later reference.
Car Dealer Brochures - CTA on website

Why an eBrochure is Necessary for Auto Dealers

Automotive dealerships are always looking for more ways to showcase their inventory in a clear, concise and effective way. AutoRevo provides eBrochures as a free offering that is included with our car dealer websites. Our car dealer brochures include valuable information, such as your dealership’s name, address, phone number, and a Google Maps preview of your dealership’s location. Whether they are interested in that particular vehicle or want to recommend your dealership to anyone, they will have your info handy! Also, you get all of the information any dealer would want highlighted about each and every one of your vehicles. From a vehicle’s year, make and model, to features and option packages, plus much more!
eBrochure for auto dealers from AutoRevo - First Page
Not to mention, you can also easily access the CarFax report of that vehicle, as well as any factory installed, aftermarket installed and interior/exterior installed options – if there are any present. Get instant, shareable information about your vehicles with an eBrochure from AutoRevo.

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