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InLine™ Text: Simplified Text Messaging for Auto Dealers

InLine Text is our proprietary dealer text messaging service, and it is changing the way automotive dealers communicate with their customers. We built InLine Text to help your team easily stay engaged with your customers, answer their questions, and keep them coming back to your dealership for a lifetime.

By streamlining everything from communication to sending specific information about a vehicle to paying for the vehicle, we have developed the ultimate tool to help you take your dealership to the next level.

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Why dealers choose InLine™ Text

Did you know that 98% of SMS messages are opened and over 90% are read within the first three minutes of delivery?

By offering a text messaging service, we give auto dealers the ability to send SMS messages directly to their customers.

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Unlock Your Full Potential With InLine Text

Auto dealer texting is a fantastic way to serve customers, follow up on leads and deals, and respond quickly to customers and other inquiries. To complete a sale, your salespeople must stay in contact with leads – from the initial interest to the final signature on the dotted line.

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SMS for car dealerships is a top way to keep in touch with customers throughout the car sales process. Plus, text messages are the preferred communication method over email and phone calls.

Dealers are able to interact with customers, quickly send out individual pieces of inventory, schedule appointments, real-time language translation and much more.

Plus, with InLine Text, dealers can also streamline the communication workflow process and free up sales advisers’ time. It’s doable because SMS with InLine Text is fast, convenient, and cost-effective.

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Discover the power of dealer text messaging today!

InLine Text equips dealers with several features such as:

icon CustomerID – Get important information when that customer calls or texts you. Real Name, Address, Age range, and more!*

icon Customer Social Profiles – Put a face with that conversation! InLine searches the web for social signals and will match the customer up with social profiles and more!

icon Lead Attribution – Assign Numbers directly to your advertising channels and see what advertising sources are working and which ones are not!

icon Trade Appraisals – when a customer sends you a VIN number execute that trade on the spot! Get vehicle values from CARFAX, and the InLine market pricing tool.

icon Integrated Inventory – Real-time inventory allows you to not only attach a customer to a vehicle but will also allow you to cross-sell your inventory!

icon ShowUp – Schedule appointments with all available sales personnel on the fly! Increase your show rates with a couple of easy clicks.

icon QuickDesk – Help the customer build confidence in the buying process by giving them the “Out the door” price with TT&L.

icon Facebook Messenger  – InLine Text allows the dealer to get direct messages off of their Facebook Business page, Facebook Marketplace, and Facebook Ads!

icon Google Business Messenger  – InLine Text allows the dealer to get direct messages from their Google My Business listing within Google Maps viewing on mobile!

icon Vehicle Deposits – With our Square integration, you can now send a customer a deposit request! Customers will be able to leave you a deposit on a Credit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay!

icon Google’s GSuite integration – Send and Receive photos and documents from your computer or your google drive!

icon OneTap Messages – Replying can be a bit cumbersome and sometimes you are short on time. InLine Text allows you to set up personal and configurable messages that require just OneTap. Saving time and helping you close deals quicker.

icon Digital Business Card – Allow your customers to put a face with your name. The digital business card with all your contact information is sent with the click of a link. The vCard is sent through SMS and lets customers add you right to their phone.

icon Real-Time Language Translation – You can now have text conversations with your customers in 100 Languages! InLine utilizes a translation API to bring you one of the most powerful translation services available!

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