Changes to Facebook and Google for Dealers

Only 2 weeks left for Facebook Marketplace. Dealers, are you ready?

Facebook Announcement for Car Dealers

Meta (Facebook) announced they are discontinuing services for auto dealers on Marketplace, including the ability for dealers to market inventory on their own dealership business page in January 2023.
[Click here for the press release]

However, it is not all bad news. We have seen most auto dealers use this upcoming change as an opportunity to drive more traffic and conversations directly to their websites. This allows auto dealerships to drive traffic specific to its branding off of a national market 3rd party site directly to its online branded showroom.

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So what does AutoRevo recommend:

  • Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA) – Facebook ads allow you to convert ad traffic and get the shopper on your website. These ads update as your inventory updates, so you never have to worry about advertising pieces of inventory that have already been sold.
  • Google – While Google Ads may not be for you, getting your inventory fed to Google with the new Cars for Sale feature is a huge win! This will create a page on Google and will also have curated links directly back to that piece of inventory on your website.
  • Messaging – AutoRevo has partnered with Google and Facebook to have one spot in which you can accept messages from across the web.

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