AutoRevo’s inLine Trade: The Next Evolution of Vehicle Acquisition.

Today, almost all dealer websites have a generic lead form that allows customers to send the dealership basic vehicle information. This old and convoluted way requires the dealership to reengage with the shopper via phone or email. Often having to request photos and usually requires the dealership to enter that information 2-3 different places. This redundancy slows down the deal and requires a ton of work.

inLine Trade was designed to eliminate all of those additional steps.

With the ease of use in mind, we wanted to create a seamless experience for the shopper and the dealer. What better way to do this than to give the shopper the experience right on their mobile phone. So how does it work?

Shopper Experience

Shopper Experience:

  • Step 1: The shopper enters the wizard and it requires minimal information. Once the first step is completed, a lead is automatically generated in case the customer doesn’t complete the process.
  • Step 2: The Shopper then has the opportunity to enter a VIN that will automatically be decoded or will walk them thru the typical Y/M/M/T questions.
  • Step 3: (The most important) – the shopper can upload photos directly from their phone’s camera roll or shoot the pictures live.

Dealer Experience

Dealer Experience:

  • The dealer will receive a real-time text lead on all devices with the source of the inLine trade-in widget. This will allow you to immediately help the customer and secure the trade.
  • inLine Text gathers all the customer information and vehicle details for your review.
  • With inLine Pricing a dealership at a glance can appraise a vehicle on the spot!
  • Within seconds dealers can now communicate with the shopper, secure the vehicle, make an offer, and send it directly to their CRM.

Stop wasting time with systems that don’t allow you to work and communicate in real time. Engage the shopper and secure the vehicle.

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