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AutoRevo Innovation Over the Years

Founded in 2004, AutoRevo started in a small office of Lone Star Cars owned by Randy Roberts. In the early days of selling cars online, Lone Star Cars was an early adopter of the

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Simplifying eBay listing was our first product.
eBay marketplace with great success. With that success came huge challenges, the process and time it took to list vehicles became daunting. There had to be a better way, AutoRevo was born! It quickly became the dealer’s choice for selling vehicles.

With success comes additional needs (infrastructure) and product needs. The inventory/lead management products began to take life. We partnered with some of the biggest names to help round out the product offering. The addition of CARFAX and ChromeData meant that we could save dealers time, money, and resources. That catalyst started the age of inventory distribution to companies like AutoTrader online and Cars.com.

AutoRevo Office
AutoRevo offices ca. 2007

2006 became the year that changed everything about AutoRevo. Now out of the office at the dealership and in our own space in Plano, TX. An opportunity presented itself. As the leadership talked late one night, a very simple question was asked. “Do we want to be an eBay template company that provides websites or a dealership website company that does eBay?”. A simple question with a huge impact on the overall direction the company will take. We became a website company that day and never looked back.

iPhone Image
The iPhone made mobile inventory a reality.

The market collapsed in 2008 and the struggle for automotive dealers became real. Thousands of dealers were going out of business and AutoRevo felt the impact. As awful as this time was for the world it was an invaluable learning experience. We quickly realized that you cannot continue to throw bodies at problems instead you must innovate and automate to survive. On July 11, 2008, an idea bubbled. The new iPhone 3G came out and it was the first time that a phone, camera, and internet speeds were all good enough to make mobile inventory a reality. At the time we were Dotnet developers, but the opportunity was too great to not try. In November of 2008, AutoRevo unveiled the first fully integrated mobile inventory management at Digital Dealer. The industry’s response was overwhelming, and we knew we were on the right track.

Craigslist posting was AutoRevo’s next challenge

AutoRevo continued to innovate and in 2010 released an automated Craigslist posting tool for dealers. At the time, Craigslist was very much like the early days of eBay and was the wild west of providers. Our Craigslist product fits perfectly into the website platform and the digital marketing vision. This was also the time that we brought to market digital documents. eBay at the time for dealers was producing about 70% of their car deals out of state. Our digital documents allowed a dealer to send a customer all the needed state legal closing documents directly to their email.

As AutoRevo’s customer base grew so did the need in two key areas, Data analytics, and SEO. The data analytics (now referred to as inLine Pricing) allowed dealers the insight to see how the market was performing and also how their vehicles matched up. Also compared vehicles in their local or even the national marketplace. Dealers with the click of a button could see what they were up against. Also in 2011, we invested in onsite and offsite SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This allowed AutoRevo to build into its infrastructure the key things Google and other search engines found important. With a complete CMS (Content Management System) built directly into the AutoRevo back end. Dealers could take control of not only their content and branding but also their relevance. For the dealers that didn’t have the expertise, we developed our Managed SEO team. The vision and focus of this team are dedicated to brand awareness and content building.

Webpage4 thumbnail
AutoRevo strives to provide the latest website technology

2013 was a transformational year, Ken Roberts stepped into the CEO role and was committed to championing AutoRevo’s software development into the next generation. While AutoRevo had amazing websites they were built on older code that was extremely hard to maintain and innovate. The amazing development team got to work on the next generation of websites. The industry was just starting down the path of what would be known as Adaptive and Responsive website development. AutoRevo went all-in on this technology and is the building block of today’s current Powersites v5 platform.

Over the next few years and with some of the best dealers’ websites it was time to shift efforts to speed, reliability, and mobile usage growth. The industry trends continued to show mobile demand was moving so we adopted a mobile first mindset. The first was a ground-up redesign of our mobile inventory app for the dealers. We integrated JD Power, Blackbook, and inLine Pricing into our vehicle appraisals. This along with other major upgrades allowed dealers to scan, appraise, decode, add pictures, and save to their website from anywhere! These innovations allowed a dealer to cut the “time to market” from days to minutes.

Google Partner Badge
We Integrate Google into into many of our product features.

Fast-forwarding to 2018, AutoRevo needed a facelift and some new paint. Management, the Design Team, and Development dove in to push into the next phase. A complete overhaul of the backend and corporate website. The redesign commitment was to the customer first, customer-focused. Making the VMS (Vehicle Management System) easy to use but also robust enough to meet all the dealers daily needs for years to come. AutoRevo also used this opportunity to become a Google Certified Partner and deeply integrate Google’s Workplace into our offering. This decision to bring the best in class into the product was a huge hit with our dealers.

More partnerships developed in 2019 with the addition of Call Source and DealerDoc integrated directly into the VMS. One of the biggest additions for the dealers was getting approved to be an inventory provider for Facebook Marketplace. Dealers flocked to the new offering and was a game changer for inbound leads. Behind the scenes, something big was in the works!

InLine Text
Inline Text is our latest innovation for car dealers.

March 5th, 2020 AutoRevo launched inLine Text into beta! Keeping with the ever changing times, we recognized that dealers were not only missing opportunities but also not communicating the way customers expect. The inLine Text product at its core redefines dealer/customer engagements. With cutting-edge technology, integrated inventory, and more features that can be listed, AutoRevo is pushing into the next chapter and continues to innovate.

Today, we are more committed than ever to delivering the best customer service and software to our dealers. The amazing team here at AutoRevo is the most dedicated & talented group in the space. Our dealers are our passion and we can’t thank them enough for their loyalty and friendship over the last 17 years. We look forward to the next 17 and hope you will join us on the journey.

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